Speedlight Photography and the Basics of Off Camera Flash

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Are you ready to elevate your photography skills and capture stunning images with the artful use of off camera flash? Look no further than the Eric Leuthardt Photography Club’s Exclusive Online Course! Designed especially for beginners, this 2-hour immersive experience will transform your understanding of photography and lighting.

Course Highlights:

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🌟 Introduction to Strobism: Delve into the world of off camera flash photography and discover the secrets behind creating captivating and dynamic shots. Our expert instructors will guide you through the essential concepts, terminology, and techniques that will revolutionize your photography game.

🌟 Gear Talk and Showcase: Confused about which equipment to use? No worries! Our course includes an in-depth discussion about various off camera flash equipment available at different price points. We’ll cover options suitable for everyone, from beginners to enthusiasts. Plus, we’ll showcase a variety of equipment to help you make informed choices.

🌟 DIY Innovation: Unleash your creativity! Learn how to craft cost-effective yet effective DIY lighting solutions that give you the power to control light like a pro. This segment will inspire you to think outside the box and create stunning effects without breaking the bank.

🌟 Strobist Light Modifiers: Discover how light modifiers can transform the quality and mood of your images. From umbrellas to softboxes and beyond, we’ll explore the diverse range of modifiers that can elevate your photography to new heights.

🌟 Live Tech Demonstration: See the magic unfold as we demonstrate advanced Strobist techniques live during the course. Witness firsthand how to manipulate light and create striking visuals that leave a lasting impact.

🌟 Interactive Q&A Session: Your questions matter! Engage with our instructors and fellow participants in a lively Q&A session. Get personalized insights and solutions to enhance your learning experience.

🌟 What’s a “Strobist”?: If you’ve ever wondered about this term, we’ve got you covered! Learn about the origins and significance of the Strobist movement, and how it has revolutionized contemporary photography.

🌟 Equipment Compatibility: Concerned if your current gear is suitable? We’ll address this concern and provide guidance on making the most out of the equipment you already own.

🌟 The Basics of Off Camera Flash: Master the fundamental principles of off camera flash and gain confidence in using this technique to capture stunning images in any situation.

Ready to embark on a journey of creativity and innovation? Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to enhance your photography skills. Our 2-hour Online Course is conducted via Zoom, ensuring a seamless and interactive learning environment.

Course Schedule: Multiple sessions available at convenient intervals. Choose the time that suits you best and reserve your spot now!

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