Infrared Photography

📷 Unlock the Enchantment of Infrared Photography: Join the Eric Leuthardt Photography Club’s Online Masterclass!

🌈 Unveil the Unseen: Discover the World of Infrared Photography

Have you ever wished to explore the hidden world of light beyond what your eyes can perceive? Step into the realm of Infrared Photography, where cameras capture the enchanting presence of infrared light, revealing a mesmerizing dimension that’s invisible to the naked eye.

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🖼️ Course Highlights:

📸 Reimagine Reality: With a digital camera in hand, you’ll delve into the art of shooting Infrared (IR) photography like never before. Immerse yourself in the creation of uniquely dreamlike, high-contrast black-and-white masterpieces that evoke emotion and intrigue.

🌄 Dramatic Landscape Magic: Elevate your landscape photography to new heights with IR’s ability to add captivating effects to your scenes. Picture white trees standing against dark skies, creating an ethereal contrast that draws the viewer in.

👤 Portraits Transformed: Experience the magic as skin takes on a milky luminescence under the IR lens. Watch as portraits transform into otherworldly expressions, pushing the boundaries of creativity beyond the ordinary.

🎓 What You’ll Learn:

📌 Mastery of Techniques: Gain valuable insights into perfecting focus and exposure in the world of Infrared photography. Uncover the secrets that transform a good shot into an exceptional work of art.

🔍 IR Filter Mastery: Understand the nuances of IR filters and how they can be used to craft striking and captivating images.

📷 Specialized Camera Conversion: Explore the possibility of converting your camera to specialize in shooting Infrared, opening up a new realm of creative possibilities.

🖥️ Post-Processing Brilliance: Immerse yourself in the digital darkroom. Discover the post-processing techniques that will elevate your IR shots from stunning to truly extraordinary using industry-standard tools like Lightroom and Photoshop.

🕒 Flexible Learning for All:

📅 Repeating Intervals: Our 2-hour online masterclass is designed to fit seamlessly into your schedule. With multiple sessions available, you can choose the time that works best for you.

🖥️ Virtual Classroom: Join us on Zoom from the comfort of your home or workspace. Connect with fellow photography enthusiasts, share insights, and be part of a community that’s passionate about the art of Infrared photography.

📷 Your Journey Starts Here:

Embark on a photographic journey that transcends the ordinary. Join us for the Eric Leuthardt Photography Club’s Infrared Photography Online Masterclass and unveil the unseen world of light and artistry.

Unleash your creativity, and let Infrared light guide your lens to new horizons. Don’t miss out on this captivating masterclass – reserve your spot today!

Note: Limited spots available per session. Book early to secure your spot!

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